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Downtown L.A. is ripe with opportunities for home sellers. If you are waiting for the right moment to sell your home, the time is now.

Our team will help you take the right steps towards home selling success in Downtown L.A. Whether it is your first or fifth time to sell your home, our home selling guide will introduce or refresh the entire selling process.

The particulars of selling your home

Before we proceed to the selling process, it is a must to review the essential components for a successful home sale. In addition to an attractive listing price, the expertise of a local real estate agent and a marketing plan tailored to your property needs will definitely help.

  • Finding a listing agent: Your ideal listing agent should have extensive experience selling homes in your neighborhood, preferably within the past three to six months. Ask family, friends, and loved ones for referrals or get in touch with our team through our contact details below.
  • Crafting a customized marketing plan: With technology at your disposal, you and your agent can create a marketing plan that transcends boundaries. You also have the choice to stick to traditional marketing methods or use both for maximum exposure.

Preparing your home for sale

You are emotionally, mentally, and financially ready to sell your home, but is your property all set to take the spotlight?

Prior to listing your home, another important step to take is to make sure your home is ready to put its best foot forward.

  • Repairs: Invite a home inspector to your property. They will identify repairs and reinforcements you need to make before selling your home.
  • Deep clean: Give your house an intensive scrub. Pressure-wash tiles and driveways. If you keep pets, take care to rid the house of fur which could be an allergen for some potential buyers.
  • Minor updates: Make your house feel brand-new. Simple updates, such as a fresh coat of paint and new knobs and locks, can make all the difference.
  • Curb appeal: The front of your house is the first thing that will catch potential buyers’ attention as they drive around the neighborhood. Trim trees and shrubs, re-pot plants, and repaint the exteriors to give the impression your house is well cared for.
  • Home staging: Showcase the potential of each room in your house by staging. Edit furniture and decorations, de-clutter the rooms, and remove personal belongings such as photographs and mementos.

Setting the best price for your home

Beautiful curb appeal and high-definition listing photos are ranked second and third to your home’s listing price. Getting it right is an art form affected by several factors:

  • Location: Real estate values in Los Angeles are neighborhood dependent. Your house’s location can have a significant impact on its listing price.
  • Comps: To price your house competitively, it is a must to look at comps in your neighborhood. Examine similar homes for sale as well as the final prices of recently sold properties in your area.
  • Features and amenities: What your house offers can also drive up its market value. Updated kitchens and bathrooms, energy efficient appliances, and smart home technology can have positive returns on your investment.

The time you decide to sell your home, not to mention the market’s current state (buyer’s vs. seller’s market) are two other factors to consider. They can affect the demand for homes in Downtown L.A. and, as a result, home prices.

Negotiating and making counteroffers

Once your house is on the market, offers might come any day. Do not be swayed by a generous offer price nor pick the first offer that comes your way. Ideally, you will want the buyer to be pre-approved, ready to make an earnest money deposit, has an agreeable closing timeline, and a reasonable set of contingencies.

If you chance upon an offer you like but can be improved, do not hesitate to consult your agent to negotiate or make a counteroffer. Negotiations are a matter of give and take. Once you reach an agreement with the other party, formally accept the offer and proceed to closing.


During the last stage of the selling process, you have several obligations to complete before the closing date as per the contingencies agreed upon. This may involve resolving structural issues or repairs, allowing the buyer to do an inspection of the property, and doing a final walkthrough of the house before finalizing the sale.

Since you are a home seller in California, you also have certain legal responsibilities. For instance, you are required to make a complete seller’s disclosure about the property. You may also need to pay for a title insurance and the transfer tax. Read more about it here.

Finally, you must prepare the necessary paperwork. This includes the deed, surveys and plot plans, utility bills, property tax bill, warranties and service records, homeowners’ insurance policy, and title insurance policy.

“I want to sell my house fast.”

To do so, you need the services of luxury real estate agents in Los Angeles. Contact Marsico Lukan & Associates today at 213.700.6515 or David(dotted)Lukan(at)Compass(dotted)com.


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