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Home staging: A list of essential DO’s and DON’Ts

When staging a home, many people go in with the mindset of “I just want to sell my house fast” which often results in them rushing through the process. This can cause them to overlook some key make-or-break elements when it comes to staging a house. Below you will find a list of key DO’S and DON’T’S that will not only help you sell your home quickly, but hopefully help go above and beyond your asking price as well!

DO Boost Outside Appeal

When looking at property for sale in Los Angeles, the first thing people will see is the outside of the house. This includes the yard, porch, and even the curb. If the exterior of the home doesn’t feel inviting, potential buyers won’t want to come inside in the first place. You’ll want to create a welcoming atmosphere by mowing the lawn, adorning the porch with fresh flowers, and even power-washing the sidewalk.

This can apply to downtown LA condos for sale as well: if the property is in a multi-unit building, make sure the lobby is spick-and-span, as well as tastefully decorated with wall art, greenery, or other decor.

DON’T Use Fake Plants

It may seem like a money-saver to use fake plants instead of the real deal, but any faux flora that looks even halfway different is going to be expensive. Real plants help breathe life into a home—literally—and create a lush, tranquil atmosphere. Studies have even suggested that indoor plants can cause people to feel more at ease and energetic.

DO Make Sure It’s Clean!

Make your house truly shine by giving each and every surface a good polish. Going the extra mile by paying attention to the small things (such as making sure to scrub the grout between your bathroom tiles) is the glue that holds the bigger picture together.

DON’T Make it Too Clean

The home should be free of dirt, dust, and clutter, but not inhumanly immaculate to the point where you feel like you’re walking into a sterilized surgery prep room. You want the house to feel lived in. Adding little details like a bowl of fresh produce on the kitchen counter or a bookmarked novel on the coffee table can help a prospective buyer imagine themselves living in the house.

DO Make It Memorable

Assume your potential buyers are looking at dozens of houses in their quest to purchase a home. Make sure each room has a focal point that draws the eye and sticks out in their memory.

DON’T Make Use of Too Much Bold or Tacky Decor

A single quirky pillow or the right piece of wall art featuring a sassy sentiment can add some spunk and personality to the home, but you don’t want your living room to look like a tourist gift shop! Make sure to keep things tasteful when picking out statement pieces.

DON’T Get Caught Up on Your Own Personal Taste

Rather than thinking “I want to sell my house,” you should be thinking “I want to sell this house.” In other words, your focus should not be on what you specifically would do in terms of decor if the house was your own, but on staging a house that’s appealing to potential buyers. Take a look at the demographics of the area—for example, if it’s in a neighborhood with a large population of young parents with young children, make sure to show off how spacious the family room is, or put a playhouse in the backyard.

DO Include Pets in Your Staging Photos

People have Instagram accounts dedicated to their dogs and cats for a reason: people on the internet love to look at photos of cute pets! Putting a puppy or kitten in a couple of your photos is an easy way to get people on your side from the start!

DON’T Forget to Take Before & After Photos & Videos

This is important for a few reasons—the first reason is simply because buyers will want to see what the space looks like without decor or furniture. Second, having “before” photos give you more freedom when listing the property online. With photos of the bare space, photo editors can easily create a variety of different virtual stagings to help buyers envision the potential of the space. Last, having videos of the space throughout the staging process allows you to showcase just how much time effort you put into the home! You want to show clients that you’re the one of best luxury real estate agents in Los Angeles, after all!