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Interior Design

Interior design

One of the best ways to enjoy your home is to have an interior designer come in and create thoughtfully designed spaces for you and your loved ones.

Learn more about the power of interior design and why you should work with some of the best interior designers in Los Angeles.

Interior design: So much more than aesthetics

On the surface, it is easy to think of interior design within the terms of beauty and aesthetics. This art and practice, however, is so much more.

Interior design has more to do with envisioning and creating spaces with the best possible experiences in mind, whether it is for a home or an office space. To achieve this goal, it is an interior designer’s job to anticipate your wants and needs. And then, through technical skills and expertise, they will make stylish, functional, and comfortable spaces.

Of course, interior designers are not jack of all trades. They regularly collaborate with other contractors, such as architects, furniture designers and makers, and skilled craftsmen to deliver what they promise.

How is interior design different from home staging?

Unlike home staging, where furniture and decor are arranged for show, interior design is for you and your enjoyment. Your personal preferences and lifestyle are taken into account. Meanwhile, the main purpose of home staging is to showcase the property’s potential to prospective buyers.

In addition to the target market, interior design and home staging also differ in total cost. Since interior design is a long-term arrangement, it costs significantly more than home staging. Custom cabinetry and fittings, the size of the space to be designed, and the materials to be used are some of the factors that drive up the expense.

The benefits of interior design for your home

Having a home you designed to fit your preferences is not the only perk of working with an experienced interior designer. Here are other benefits you can enjoy for the long-term.

  1. Increased value for your home

    Hiring an interior designer to mold the property into the kind of home you want it to be can lead to an increase in its market value. This can spell out positive results for when you decide to eventually sell your home. In a way, the added investment can lead to savings and even profit in the future.

  2. Efficient budget allocation and spending

    With the keen eye and opinion of an experienced interior designer, you can efficiently allot adequate budget for projects you want for your home. This covers the cost of materials, brands, and contractors needed for the renovation or upgrade.

    Furthermore, you will be able to save some time from researching. A great interior designer will do that for you.

  3. An extra eye to oversee construction

    It is normal for even an expert architect or engineer to miss things. Having an interior designer with enough technical knowledge can help spot design misses for you early on. As a result, such mistakes will be corrected immediately, which will save you time and money.

  4. A wide network of contractors just a phone call away

    An interior designer with an extensive portfolio will already have an extensive network of contractors to contact in case you want something to be done. As such, a wide variety of resources will be within your reach, allowing you to shape your house into what you can truly call your home.

  5. Trade-only items at discount prices

    Aside from preferred contracts, interior designers have access to trade-only items, such as furniture, materials, and other types of decor. Best of all, an experienced interior designer will help you figure out how to incorporate trade-only items that catch your eye and get them at discounted prices.

  6. Out-of-the-box design ideas

    Should you find yourself in a rut on what to do with a certain room or space in your home, an interior designer will be ready to give you ideas and suggestions. This will allow you to maximize the use of every nook and cranny of your house.

  7. Professional results

    At the end of the process, you can enjoy clean, seamless, and professional results that will last you and your loved ones a long time. In case something goes awry, you will already know who to call.

Make your house into a home

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