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Flora H.

David is the best! He is honest, dedicated, has integrity, and really cares about his clients. He truly wants them to be happy rather than make a quick penny.

David helped me buy my condo in 2014, and made the process completely seamless for me. He set up all of the inspections and was there for all of them, handling the ones that I didn’t have to be present for. He also helped me to negotiate a price below ask on a great property in a great area.

Flash forward three years –

I’m currently in the complicated position of trying to buy a home but not wanting to sell my condo until I find a home. David is going the extra mile and marketing my property off market in the meantime, which means setting up several individual private showings rather than the much easier process of just listing it and having a couple of open houses. He had beautiful pictures taken and set up a gorgeous website to market my property.

When I was getting tired of looking and thinking of putting an offer on a home that was not at all what I wanted, David sat me down and talked me out of it, knowing that it would not make me happy long term. I can’t think of many agents who would do the same. We have bid on several properties, and David has on multiple occasions talked me out of bidding an amount way too much above the property’s value. He has definitely saved me from buyer’s remorse, which would be horrifying when spending this kind of money.

Because inventory is low, David is personally writing and mailing letters to thousands of people in the various areas that I’m looking to see if anyone would be willing to sell their property to me off market.

More importantly, I feel like David truly cares, and is going through the process with me. My heartbreak is his heartbreak, not because of a lost commission, but because he truly cares. He is also extremely responsive to all texts, emails, calls… all the various ways that I, the super annoying and demanding client, use to contact him constantly. Good luck finding another agent like that!